The Rules of Romance Karen Hofman



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The Rules of Romance  by  Karen Hofman

The Rules of Romance by Karen Hofman
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Love is patient, but its not easy to avoid pushing the boundaries. Lauren Chapman leads her love life much differently than her friends. Shes determined to date only the man who will be her husband. Shes saving herself, and her first kiss, for the one person who will be hers forever. To do this, she must abide by the rules. Lauren has compiled a whole set of rules for dating to make her dream a reality. She just needs to find the right man who is up to the challenge. When she meets Justin Copeland, she believes she has found just that person. Hes everything shes ever wanted in a man.

Hes a Christian like her, and he takes things slow. But Justin has a very different past, and when Lauren discovers it, she struggles with the fact that they arent on even ground. Thats not all they have to adjust to. Justins job seems to take top priority in his life. Laurens inability to confront issues head-on is another problem. Clashes are bound to occur. But they realize they must love and forgive. As their relationship progresses toward marriage, Lauren and Justin find they have many lessons to learn before they say I do.

They seem to be handling it well. But then again, how easy is it to keep the rules when the boundaries are continually being pushed? Lauren wonders if she will really be able to save her first kiss for the wedding. Were the rules truly that good an idea? In The Rules of Romance, readers will see what it takes to have a relationship that honors God completely and discover that the reward is well worth the wait.

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