Published: July 31st 2013

Kindle Edition

164 pages


LADY SCARFACE  by  Divine Ortiz

LADY SCARFACE by Divine Ortiz
July 31st 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 164 pages | ISBN: | 5.35 Mb

Evil introduced itself early in Tiana Brantz life. Her loving parents were gunned down right in front of her eight year old eyes, leaving her alone and an unwanted child of the state of New York. The hot bullets that ushered her parents to heaven left her with a scar on her beautiful face and a broken heart.

With the help of her new found brother Shabazz, Tiana managed to survive the group home for parentless children and reach her eighteenth birthday.Now all grown up, Tiana finds herself in new territory with new choices to make which will shape her bright future. On the surface, she’s the picture of poise and grace. However underneath her pretty exterior dwells a murderous spirit fueled by a thirst for blood and violence. Miss Brantz is destined for greatness, but, the question is…what will she be great at, breaking every law on the streets or enforcing the law in the courtroom as a talented attorney?

The answer is both. Tiana takes no prisoners and shows no mercy in court or on the corner. She’s rich, fine, loyal, and intelligent. Along with Shabazz, the two of them set out to make a killing in the drug world rolling over anybody in their way.Most women wouldn’t dare get their nails dirty. Most women would back down from confrontation. Most women would avoid death at any cost.

But, Tiana isn’t like most women. She’s a beast. She’s a monster. She’s built for the street life. Tiana Brantz is LADY SCARFACE!LADY SCARFACE 2 Coming soon!LADY SCARFACE by Divine Ortiz is presented to you by Shareef Jaudon, the author of the best selling TYCE series.

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