Corporations: Examples & Explanations 6th (sixth) edition Alan R. Palmiter





Corporations: Examples & Explanations 6th (sixth) edition  by  Alan R. Palmiter

Corporations: Examples & Explanations 6th (sixth) edition by Alan R. Palmiter
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This practical and straightforward study guide has earned its enduring popularity by demystifying corporate law for students who do not have a business background. CORPORATE LAW: Examples & Explanations, Fifth Edition, presents a full review of the legal issues that arise in modern corporations.Instructors know they can recommend this text with confidence because it:follows the proven Examples & Explanations method, with each section providing a short account of the law, followed by a variety of concrete examples and explanations that reinforce and give substance to the key rules and concepts has a well-established reputation for effectiveness as one of the best-selling ancillaries in corporate law for more than 15 years provides comprehensive course support, including all the topics that are typically covered in a corporations or business organizations class presents statutes and cases in context, with examples illustrating the interplay of law and business is sensibly organized according to the principal legal topics in corporate law, namely formation of the corporation, shareholder voting rights, corporate fiduciary duties, shareholder liquidity rights, closely held corporations, protection of corporate creditors, and fundamental corporate changes uses helpful visual aids, such as tables and diagrams, throughout the book to facilitate learning features a clear and lucid writing style, geared to the needs of students without a business background, to help them grasp the intricacies of corporate law This timely revision offers a great deal of new material:Delaware updates, including new cases on duty of good faith, thedirect/derivative distinction, duty of disclosure, inspection rights, and the definition of independent director, as well as statutory developments more comprehensive coverage of Sarbanes-Oxley: overview of regulation of accounting/audit activities, NYSE/Nasdaq corporate governance listing requirements, rules on lawyer up the ladder responsibilities, implications of prohibition against executive loans, CEO/CFO certification of internal controls, and disgorgement of stock-based compensation after financial restatements recent insider trading cases, such as SEC v.

Yun on personal benefit and SEC v. Martha Stewart on material nonpublic information new tables for Sarbanes-Oxley provisions and for the choice of organization form (comparing partnerships, LLCs and corporations) new and updated examples and explanations

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